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Data is the backbone of our marketing tactics that lead to unparalleled growth.

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Our Data-First approach

We believe marketing revolves around a never-ending feedback loop of data and is a cycle of constant improvement. We seize each opportunity to learn, adapt, and optimize for even better results.

Tactics that fuel your growth

Growth Marketing

Our marketing tactics fuel growth through data-backed experiments that we run until achieving scalable results.

Growth Consulting

Get a second opinion that will boost your product launches and go-to-market strategies for rapid ROI.

Performance Marketing

Boost conversion rates of your digital campaigns with data-driven customer insights and user flows.

Growth Driven Design

Our growth-driven web developers run 24/7 analyses and constantly optimize your website to improve CRO and your growth hacking funnel.

SEO Growth

Improve your online visibility and attract organic traffic through SEO growth marketing strategies.

Growth Hacking

Utilize our resource-light and cost-effective growth hacking process to retain an active user base, upsell, and gain exposure.

Inbound Marketing

Effectively drive customers into your funnel with problem-solving content marketing and search engine optimization.

Product-Market Fit

Gain unique insights that align your product’s design, presentation, and marketing with your consumer’s underserved needs.

Our Awards

Los Angeles SEOblog Top Rated SEO Agency 2022 Award
Clutch California 2021 Top B2B Companies Award
Local excellence San Diego 2022 Winner Award
Local excellence San Diego 2021 Winner Award
Expertise Best Digital Marketing Agencies in San Diego award
Top Advertising Agency award
CSSDA Best Innovation
2018 Best Content Marketing
Best Company Leadership
2020 National Excellence Award Winner

Our Experience


Our team of experts have a proven track record of growing software companies with data-driven marketing.

Technologies we work with

Comparison table

Comparison smartboost Traditional Agency
Value A team of growth hackers and strategists dedicated to your success. One point of contact with work passed off to interns.
Cost Results don’t lie. Pay us as you see your ROI grow. Thousands upfront for long contracts and unproven services.
Time Until Results We launch our growth experiments right away so you’ll see results in 2 weeks or less. 3-5 months with no guarantees.
Risk Short and flexible contracts mean minimal risk. Agency contracts run long and can waste years of your time!
Time Commitment We know you’re busy, so our timeline is designed to accommodate you. Lengthy hiring, interviews, and onboarding steps waste your time and resources.

Companies We've Scaled

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Frequently asked questions

Our onboarding process typically takes 2 weeks.

With our real-time analytics reporting system, clients can see their progress live and have confidence in the effectiveness of our data-driven approach.

We analyze our client's business goals, target audience, and industry trends to develop a customized list of metrics that align with their growth objectives and provide actionable insights to drive success.

We use a combination of KPIs such as conversion rate, and cost per acquisition (CPA), to track the ROI of data-driven marketing efforts for our clients. This data is continuously analyzed and optimized to ensure the best possible results for each client.
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