How we Increased eCommerce Transactions by 60%

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How we increased Ecommerce transactions by 60%

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Growth Marketing Agency Ecommerce case study feature image

Supercharging Digital Performance

56 %
Website Traffic
60 %
20 %
44 %
Organic Traffic

The Challenge

Our client, a master distributor and manufacturer of non-threaded fasteners, wanted to supercharge their website to increase traffic and online transactions. The main challenges with the website were a lack of optimizable content, an outdated design, and duplicate meta tags and content issues.

For the pay-per-click campaigns, our main challenge was a lack of control regarding the new SmartShopping campaigns, conversion tracking issues that led to corrupt data, and limited differentiation among ads and ad groups.

The Strategy

To overcome the website issues, our team added heat mapping technology to the site to evaluate the performance of the homepage and optimized it for improved conversion rates. We produced valuable data about the current design and suggested areas for improvement, leading to a completely revamped homepage.

We also added keyword-rich product descriptions for every product category and improved internal linking strategies among the current content.

For the duplicate content issues, we implemented canonical tags on every page to streamline the site index and remove errors.

For the pay-per-click issues, we corrected all errors with the conversion tracking and supplemented the SmartShopping campaign performance with machine learning-aided manual campaigns. Our team also added responsive search ads for the high volume ad groups, updated ad copy to improve keyword placement, added value propositions to differentiate from the competition, and created custom landing pages to aid customers through the purchase funnel.


The practice of optimizing a website in order to appear higher on a search engine’s natural or organic rankings.

Content Marketing

Paid Search, display and shopping are some of the main revenue-driving sources for our client.

LinkedIn Ads

A form of digital marketing in which we create and distribute high-quality content that is unique, relevant, and valuable to a specific target audience.


A system used to organically increase the percentage of website visitors who will take a specific action; ultimately increasing leads or conversion rates.

The Results

Year over year, we saw a 56% increase in site traffic, including new sessions, a 60% increase in transactions, and a 20% increase in revenue. In addition, we also saw better user experience with the website changes we made. Customers were able to more easily find the products they were looking for and our content was more organized and helpful to the consumer.

Overall, we built a more powerful website for this client that drove sales, engagement, and website traffic.

How We Turn Data Into Business Growth

All Traffic
Online Transactions
Ecommerce Conversion Rate


Website Traffic

Online Transactions

Sales Revenue


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