How Organic Qualified Leads Skyrocketed By 93%

Growth Marketing Agency cs software morph

How Organic Qualified Leads Skyrocketed By 93%

Increase organic traffic + lead
Data-driven digital strategy
Growth Marketing Agency cs software morph

Supercharging Digital Performance

122 %
Website Traffic
93 %
Organic Lead
261 %
Keywords Ranking
327 %
LinkedIn Lead

The Challenge

Our client, a global procurement software provider, needed to increase brand awareness and lead generation in the North American market. The company is deeply established in Europe and looked to reach new opportunities in the US. The main challenges were the lack of a defined content strategy, the differences in users’ online behavior from one continent to the other, and a slow ranking progression of strategic keywords.

The Strategy

Smartboost implemented a data-driven SEO strategy based on a predictive search ranking machine learning model to increase organic traffic through multiple SEO tactics. The goal was to get more traction from organic search to be able to generate more sustainable traffic and revenue.


The practice of optimizing a website in order to appear higher on a search engine’s natural or organic rankings.

Content Marketing

A form of digital marketing in which we create and distribute high-quality content that is unique, relevant, and valuable to a specific target audience.

LinkedIn Ads

Native ads that yield high-quality leads through niche targeting options, ideal for B2B and even some B2C companies.


A system used to organically increase the percentage of website visitors who will take a specific action; ultimately increasing leads or conversion rates.

The Results

We were pleased to see that after 12 months, overall website traffic had increased by 122%. In the first month of our partnership, there were approximately 4,401 website users. Over the next 12 months, we saw a steady increase in users which, by the last month, was up to 9,792.


How We Turn Data Into Business Growth

All Traffic


Organic Leads

Website Traffic

LinkedIn Leads

Organic CRO

“If you need to grow your SEO and boost your lead generation, smartboost is the smartest choice. We are a global procurement software company and wanted to increase our brand awareness in North America. From strategic planning, content creation, data intelligence, SEO to campaign execution, the smartboost team truly has become a vital ‘weapon’ in our marketing deployment efforts in North America. smartboost has a deep sense of creativity and intelligence approach to online marketing and a solid data-driven strategy to drive results. Thank you, smartboost, for being a great partner!”


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