AI-Powered PPC is the Future of Ad Management

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Artificial intelligence is finding its way into nearly every marketing strategy, from content marketing to SEO to PPC. When it comes to delivering smarter ads, AI is the golden ticket.

There are many reasons why artificial intelligence lends itself well to PPC management. From smarter bids to instantaneous campaign optimizations, let’s look at why AI is the future of PPC and some of the benefits of implementing this technology into your strategy.

PPC & AI: A Match Made in Heaven

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing PPC management, and for good reason. Today, the market is fiercely competitive and marketers are looking for more sales and more leads for less investment. AI is the smart answer.

There are a few reasons why these technologies lend themselves to each other so nicely. The first is that an AI-powered PPC tool is always on, always learning, and always reacting to market changes. Traditionally, PPC management was limited by human resources. With AI, you can limit the amount of human interaction that’s needed and instead let the data do all the work.

How do AI-Powered PPC Tools Work?

AI-powered PPC tools work by taking both the data you provide and its own ever-evolving market data to analyze it all and make strategic recommendations. It takes existing key phrases to find every competitor that is bidding and ranking on them to provide opportunities you might not have previously considered. These tools can analyze copy and content to find search terms that competitors are using and utilize them in your campaigns.

Next, an AI-powered PPC tool takes these unlimited key phrases and runs them against Google’s algorithms, including search trends and search volumes. From this information, it can take what it learns and make further suggestions. It is able to continually optimize your PPC strategy hour by hour and day by day. It can manage unlimited ads in real time without the need for manual adjustments.

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Benefits of Using an AI-Powered PPC Tool

There are many benefits of using an AI-powered PPC tool. Here are a few:

Geographic Campaigns & Different Languages

If you run campaigns in different countries, an AI-powered PPC tool will make your campaign management much easier. These tools can optimize your campaigns to focus on geographical areas that need the most spend. In addition, they can translate your ads into a number of different languages quickly and effectively.

Write Ad Copy in Real Time & Test Thousands of Additional Variants

AI-powered PPC tools can also write ad copy in real time based on continuous keyword research. You can add thousands of variants to your campaigns, which is much more than a human could do. Continuously try new copy variations because the limit is endless.

Optimize Against Organic and Paid Traffic

One of the biggest struggles between organic and paid traffic is bidding on branded keywords but not wasting spend on searches you would have ranked for organically. With an AI-powered PPC tool, you can optimize against organic and paid traffic and never buy leads or sales that you would have secured organically. On the other hand, though, the tool knows when your competitors are bidding on your branded phrases and will out-bid them to secure that traffic.

Analyze Millions of Data Points

Of course, one of the main benefits of using AI for your PPC strategy is the amount of data you’re able to analyze. With the right tool, you have access to millions of data points to see what’s working and what’s not so you can realign your strategy as needed.

Realign Your PPC Strategy With Your Objectives

Speaking of realigning your strategy, your AI tool can do that, too! If your needs and objectives change, your campaign can change with them. Make faster real-time decisions. These tools can respond to the market, discover new key phrases, and adjust your bidding strategy.

More Accurate ROAS

For every dollar of ad spend, an artificial intelligence PPC tool can measure the return and make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. This means more efficient bidding.

To summarize, AI-powered PPC management has the following benefits, plus many more:

  • Better media efficiencies
  • Higher quality leads
  • Greater volume of data
  • Front end margin
  • Lower cost per sale
  • Lower cost per lead

Examples of AI-Powered PPC

All these benefits are great, but the numbers speak for themselves. Here are two examples of artificial intelligence hard at work:


After implementing an AI-driven PPC method, ADT witnessed the following results:

  • +522% impressions
  • +52% clicks
  • -31% CPC
  • +76% leads
  • -40% CPL
  • +2653% campaign adjustments


Ebuyer also experienced amazing results when they implemented an AI-driven PPC approach. Here are some of the statistics:

  • +11% clicks
  • -35% CPC
  • +16% sales
  • +43% revenue
  • -51% cost per sale

The Bottom Line

Smart marketers are inclined towards AI-driven PPC. It is developed for automated and smarter bidding, efficient performance analysis, better ad creation, superior audience management, and price optimization, among many other benefits. Artificial intelligence is everywhere, so why not take advantage of it for your PPC strategy?

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