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DataCheck Inc
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DataCheck is a full-service background investigation company that specializes in employment screening on a statewide, national, and international level. Through their astoundingly thorough screening service, they provide full employment and background history information, as well as background investigations for reference checking, education verification, driving records, drug screening, credit reports, and much more.

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The Challenge

DataCheck came to us with a clear request: they needed a modern website that was catered to their target market. Previously, most of their content was focused on the B2C audience, which meant that we had to take their existing strategy and content and tailor it to the B2B market. Along with this, they were ranking for a number of high search volume keywords, but they weren’t in the correct sector of their industry. We helped DataCheck improve their digital presence by building a visually appealing and user-friendly website that was B2B lead-gen focused.

Our Tactics

We worked with the client to establish their goals, then strategized ways to standout in a crowded space. They knew that on their new site they wanted to drive conversions, provide information on the services they offer, and to have a client login where existing customers could access their information.

With these goals in mind, we helped the company develop new brand guidelines and created a more modern look for their site. We also used market research and analytics from their existing customer base to refine audience personas. These would be the foundation for connecting DataCheck’s message with the right demographic.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Lead Generation
  • User Data-driven
  • Web Development




The Typography

.css {
font-family: ROBOTO SLAB;
font-family: MONTSERRAT;

Project Management

Who Was Involved?


JD’s role in this project was front-end developer and UX/UI designer. He was in charge of designing website prototypes, creating a UX strategy and building out the front end on the web.


Bob took on backend development (CSS and javascript). Additionally, he reviewed every updated landing page to ensure that it was optimized for mobile.


Eric’s role was the Project Manager. He was the point of communication between the client and the team, and made sure that we hit all our deadlines during every stage of the process.


Project Duration: 14 weeks

Amount of Hours: 130

Project Size: $$


DataCheck’s website now reflects the top-notch, specialized service that they provide. By reimagining user flows and site wireframes and reworking the messaging and improving user experience, we were able to capture DataCheck’s core brand values and personality.

The results speak for themselves – we increased the average time spent on pages to 1.05 mins, increased the user engagement by 19% and increased the page speed to 2.5s to decrease the bounce rate. In addition to the restructuring and redesigning the website, we used our audience personas to target just the right B2B clients, which resulted in a 32% increase in conversion within 60 days.

156 %
Page Speed
19 %
85 %
Time on Page
32 %
Takes 2 min

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