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Coverglass USA
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Originally founded in Finland almost 30 years ago, Coverglass USA has been a pioneer in the Doors and Windows industry, with representation in over 25 countries worldwide. Coverglass USA frameless sliding glass door systems have been available in the states since early 2007, and they have since installed over 2,000 of our Frameless Sliding Glass Door Systems.

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The Challenge

Coverglass USA initially came to smartboost to increase their social media presence. Upon reviewing their web analytics and business data, we found that their marketing was struggling on all fronts, and concluded that their audience needed much more than a social strategy. Instead, we decided to begin with a brand new website—one that is designed for their target markets and is optimized to convert—so we could be sure our efforts off-site would be able to convert on-site.

Our Tactics

The first steps of this project was to develop our overall strategy. We had questions that needed to be addressed to be sure that we could design something effective. Who are the users of this site? How do they interact with websites generally speaking? How can we be sure that this new site is usable? What kind of content is going to help these users get from the early stages of the conversion process to the end?

To answer these questions we collected data from the client’s old website (heat mapping, analytics, etc.) and researched their past customers and competitors. From there, our findings gave us a better picture of who our users would be and gave us a guideline of our designs moving forward.

  • Data Analysis
  • Web Design
  • UX / UI
  • Web Development




The Typography

.css {
font-family: Montserrat;
font-family: Lato;

Project Management

Who Was Involved?


Bob’s role in this project was front-end developer and UX/UI designer. He started by designing some prototypes when the strategy was completed, and after they approved, he built out the front end on the web.


Karan’s role here was as a full-stack developer. He made sure that everything beind-the-scenes was working correctly and that all the files were properly stored in the database and server.


Kevin’s role was the Project Manager. He was the communication point between the client and the team, and made sure that we hit all our deadlines.


Project Duration: 10 weeks

Amount of Hours: 150

Project Size: $$$


Coverglass USA saw an increase in qualified leads right away. After 12 months, smartboost generated 439 marketing qualified leads (MQL) meaning an increase of 400%. The value of quotes sent or sales opportunities was worth $12 million.

In 2018, Coverglass started to open distributors’ location. In 2020, Coverglass has 3 showrooms in California, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona.

525 %
Website Traffic Increase
439 %
MQL Increase
393 %
Sales Opportunities
766 %
Organic Traffic Increase by
Takes 2 min

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