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AI-Powered Digital Marketing Agency

We are helping eCommerce businesses boost their online sales and increase their brand visibility. Our creative team and data scientists will unfold your marketing pain points and help your online stores generate more revenue using AI and Machine Learning. AI-Powered SEO Power up your ranking with our AI-Powered SEO for eCommerce websites. The core of our SEO services is data and predictive analysis. Our proprietary tools extract insights from data using machine learning based on search queries trends, past data from your eCommerce site, and product conversion rates. Data-Driven PPC Management We manage successful eCommerce PPC campaigns based on data-driven tactics and predictive modeling using our artificial intelligence proprietary tools. From smart bidding to smart placement and audience targeting, machine learning helps us create results-driven PPC campaigns. Google Shopping Feed Management We build profit-driven PLA strategies by understanding your business needs and optimizing your Bing or Google Shopping account to boost ROAS. smartboost uses sales, user behaviors, and data queries to help our clients perform. Social Media Marketing smartboost is a leading paid social media marketing company that helps online stores increase their sales revenue. We increase sales for eCommerce websites using Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce or BigCommerce using data-driven tactics to decrease the cost per conversion. Remarketing We craft creative ads to connect specifically with your retargeting audience using cross-channel remarketing campaigns and cross-device retargeting ads. Smartboost uses an AI-driven approach to re-engage shoppers throughout their path to purchase with tailored video and display ads. Email Marketing smartboost is able to implement up to 12 different email campaigns based on users’ interest, online behavior and data-driven email list segmentation to keep customer engagement high. Content Marketing Ecommerce content marketing strategies and implementation need to combine creativity and analytics during each step of the buyer’s journey. We craft creative content built around your ideal customers and increase your online visibility to drive conversions. Data-Driven Website Design Implementing data-driven web design is essential for ensuring that your website effectively evolves based on users’ needs and interests. Our data scientists export and segment data, create new data points, then implement data visualization to finally extract data-driven design strategies. Landing Pages smartboost crafts eCommerce landing pages for specific campaigns, such as a series of ads or an email blast. We are able to generate more leads, push more conversions and earn a higher ROI. Ecommerce landing pages are a major catalyst for conversions. Conversion Rate Optimization smartboost implements eCommerce CRO on a monthly basis by constantly measuring and analyzing through our proprietary machine learning and heat mapping tools. Our AI-driven approach helps our data scientists understand the customer journey. We then have our forward-thinking team implement and A/B test content and design updates. Data Science Data science and machine learning are fundamental parts of our strategy to drive eCommerce sales. They provide a rich understanding of your customers by capturing qualitative and quantitative data. The future of online stores relies on data sets. Advanced Analytics We love data and we love reports. smartboost makes sure to provide data visualizations and comprehensive eCommerce reporting. A DIGITAL AGENCY

We are a team of creative marketers, scientists, and mathematicians. We use artificial intelligence to boost our clients to reach their eCommerce marketing goals. We are Smartboost!

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