How our Client Became one of the US’ Top 10 Auto Dealerships

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How our Client Became one of the US’ Top 10 Auto Dealerships

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The Challenge

Our client is a San Diego-based luxury car dealership that prides itself on its high-quality customer service, timeless and sleek vehicles, and community involvement. As with many high-end B2C businesses, they had to start looking outside the box for marketing tactics to reach the right demographic. Lead generation was their biggest goal, and we knew that social platforms would be the best place to reach their ideal audience. Because of branding restrictions due to corporate guidelines and limited access to their website, we had to get creative with our paid ad strategy. We also had to take into account Facebook’s latest advertising policies linked to credit opportunities (such as auto loans). These are special categories for which audience selection tools are limited to help protect people on Facebook from unlawful discrimination.

The Strategy

We started off by reviewing social media analytics and tracked lead data to review and revise the client’s buyer personas. From our findings, we were able to narrow down exactly who to target and what messaging they respond best to. We created high-performance paid campaigns on Facebook to generate qualified leads that were launched to coincide with special lease offers. We also overhauled the imagery, CTAs, and copy to fit within brand guidelines while still being eye-catching. To streamline lead capturing, we developed comprehensive campaigns to run on Facebook and Instagram News Feeds. Additionally, we selected the carousel ad format for a better user experience and to increase the engagement rate.

Once we had the design of the ads in place and the target audience nailed down, we identified barriers to lead generation. We discovered that the easier it was to fill out the web form, the more inquiries would be submitted. To streamline the process for customers, each ad had a “Get Offer” or “Get Quote” call-to-action button that, when clicked on, opened a form that was pre-filled with contact information from their Facebook profile such as name, email address and postal code.
The lead’s contact information was then sent to the potential customer’s local dealership. A local dealership representative would then follow-up with each lead to schedule a test drive, provide a quote, or answer any questions about the current deals.

We linked the contact information form to be sent to the potential customer’s nearest geo-targeted dealership. To ensure that each lead was followed up on, we worked with the sales team to devise a lead nurturing process. Once received, a local dealership representative would then personally follow-up with each lead to schedule a test drive, provide a quote, or answer any questions about the current deals.


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A system used to organically increase the percentage of website visitors who will take a specific action; ultimately increasing leads or conversion rates.

The Results

We collaborated with the client to develop, implement, and launch a new plan for social ads and inquiry processes specifically targeted to the brand’s luxury audience. Our work in using the buyer personas to create customized Facebook ads yielded a 425% increase in FB goal completions on the website and increased our reach by 134%.

The number of leads also skyrocketed once we applied our custom strategy. The client saw a 425% increase in leads with a 23.3% increase in organic leads and a 546% increase in sales qualified leads. Additionally, the cost per lead didn’t increase at all during this time. Because of this swift and impressive growth, this client is currently one of the top 10 auto dealerships in sales in the nation.

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