How We Helped Our Med Spa Client Stand Out in a Saturated Market

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How We Helped Our Med Spa Client Stand Out in a Saturated Market

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Growth Marketing Agency medspa

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The Challenge

Our client is a rapidly expanding, premiere medical aesthetic provider in San Diego, CA. With plans to scale the business further, they came to us to help develop their marketing strategy to improve customer loyalty, reach new customers, and stand out in a saturated market.

After performing a content and SEO audit, we quickly found that the site had lots of content, but much of it hadn’t been optimized for SEO and hurt our client’s SERP. In addition, the website had an outdated design and wasn’t optimized for conversions.

On top of this, we were navigating how to implement a powerful Q2 and Q3 strategy during a global pandemic that forced medical spas to close. We were also battling the introduction of new Google restrictions that banned PPC ads for aesthetics.

The Strategy

We started by examining our client’s customer data and mapping out the buyer journey. This helped us gain a better understanding of who was interested in our client’s treatments and how site visitors converted into leads. Once we had a good understanding of who was coming to the site, we performed a complete site audit. From this audit, we discovered that most visitors to the site were women between the ages of 25-44. With this information, we:

  • Tailored the site content to this demographic’s interests
  • Performed extensive keyword research to narrow down a list of search terms, keywords, and topics
  • Identified the top content pages on our client’s site
  • Revamped these content pages for better user experience, incorporated the perfect keywords for SEO, and narrowed down the content to include exactly what potential customers were looking for.
  • Devised a plan to make navigating to landing pages simple with new dropdown menus
  • Re-optimized under-performing blogs by conducting keyword research, implementing a linking strategy, and fleshing out the content to make it as engaging as possible.

Next, we tackled the recent Google restrictions on PPC ads for Botox and fillers. We jumped into action to build and test out custom landing pages on Unbounce with a different URL to bypass the word “Botox”.

Lastly, we revamped our existing marketing strategy due to the unique circumstances of COVID-19. Because temporary closures impacted our client’s business, we brainstormed ways to generate leads for future appointments. This included:

  • Adding an informative pop-up to the homepage with a strong CTA advertising virtual consultations
  • Adding an eye-catching banner promoting skincare products from their online store
  • Creating a streamlined booking process.


In order to boost site traffic, we first focused on technical fixes to make sure the site was running smoothly.

Content Marketing

Drive brand awareness and educate prospects through engaging content.

LinkedIn Ads

Show up in the right searches, by the right people, at the right time.


A system used to organically increase the percentage of website visitors who will take a specific action; ultimately increasing leads or conversion rates.

The Results

Implementing the changes to our client’s site caused leads, bookings, and sales to soar. Compared to the previous year, they saw a 90% increase in contact form submissions, a 43% increase in phone call leads, and a whopping 98% increase in sales.

We also knew that our strategy to target customers through PPC ads, SEO optimizations, and improved UX/UI design had worked wonders. Our client had a 24% increase in users to the site, a 22% increase in sessions, and a 10% increase in page views from the previous year.

Despite the mandatory shutdown due to COVID-19, we helped our client experience their highest trajectory in new user acquisition within 3 months, with a record high acquisition in June 2020. We also witnessed our highest organic goal completions in May 2020, despite a record low the month before due to COVID-19.

How We Turn Data Into Business Growth

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“These guys have helped me grow quickly. They not only built my website but they continually optimize it, manage my social media, and monitor my online reputation. They have the ability to succeed where other companies have let me down. I appreciate it and couldn’t be happier”

- Dr. Alex Roher, MD

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