How We Helped a Local Turf Company Increase Leads and Decrease CPL

How We Helped a Local Turf Company Increase Leads and Decrease CPL

10 - 15
3 Leads per day
Increase Quality Leads, Decrease Cost Per Lead, Maintain a Strong Return on Ad Spend

Supercharging Digital Performance

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Website Traffic
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The Challenge

Our client, a leader in the artificial turf and landscaping industry, came to us with a goal of generating more leads and getting more return on ad spend (ROAS). They were struggling with a high cost per acquisition (CPA), so we knew we had to focus on both paid and organic growth and well as a fresh new website design that encouraged conversions.


In addition to these challenges, we also faced new challenges as COVID-19 hit. We were seeing a lot of competition in the space and a downturn in consumers wanting to invest in larger purchases like turf installation. Because of this, we faced an increase in cost per click (CPC). We also faced high levels of regional industry competition in our paid advertising strategies.

The Strategy

To combat the client’s high CPA, our PPC team tested different campaigns to see what could lower it. We utilized SMART campaigns and display campaigns and found that the display campaigns did really well because the CPC is a lot lower than search campaigns. We also refined the client’s ad copy and did continuous keyword research and testing to make sure our ads stayed competitive. This led to a massive increase in Google’s Quality Score, which in turn placed the client’s ads in front of a much more targeted audience. This meant more conversions and less ad spend.

We also implemented attractive display ads, as well as a Google Smart Call Campaign. Both of these proved to be a huge success, with 189 leads coming in from just those two channels.

To increase organic traffic, we focused on delivering high-quality content to answer top search queries. We also developed a YouTube channel for our client and generated more than 39k views on their videos.

Additionally, we redesigned the client’s user experience on the website so that the new surge of traffic would actually have a place to convert. Our historical data suggested that rewriting and repositioning CTAs on-page, adding past customer testimonials, and brand new pictures of recent projects would positively impact user conversion rate.


Content Marketing

LinkedIn Ads


The Results

Year over year, Google Ads has improved KPIs for this client all across the board. We have produced 942 leads through paid ads on Google, which is over 2.5 leads per day. In addition, website sessions increased by nearly 5% and our bounce rate decreased by 14%. Additionally, Google Ads generated 54% of all site traffic with 21.6k users and we saw a 71.35% increase in click-through rate (CTR).

We increased organic goal completions by 7.78% and despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we reached a normal level of completions. We improved our client’s average positioning by almost 300%.

In the 3 months following the UX/UI redesign, our client experienced an increase in conversion rate by 12.01% compared to the same 3-month span in the previous year.

How We Turn Data Into Business Growth

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Organic Leads

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Organic CRO

Thanks to the omnichannel marketing strategies proposed by smartboost, including PPC, we saw a significantly lower cost per acquisition. We have worked with them for years and continue to add more services

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